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Wide Open Writing Men's Writing Retreat  

August 12-16, 2021
Single Occupancy: $1665
Double Occupancy: $1300
Prices are per person and include tuition, lodging, all meals (sample menu), and boat transportation to the Light Station from our mainland base. An additional 9% Maine state lodging tax will be charged on the meals and lodging portion of the fee.

Registration: sign up with the online registration form.
If you are unable to sign up online, please find the printable PDF form here.

Men's Writing Workshop

A men's writing and wellness retreat to explore and open to the deeper self.

Through writing, physical movement, and abundant access to the richness that Whitehead Island offers, you'll have the opportunity to step beyond the limiting confines of todays "maleness". This is a time (personally and collectively) to open to a richer connection with self and the natural world, and beyond to friends, family, partners, children, and fellow travelers.

The joy of this experience comes from involving writing, nature, and other men who are drawn to both. Our retreats have repeatedly been touted as "a life-changing experience," "making life-long connections," and "connecting to purpose in new ways." We create opportunity for community to come to life, a community that takes care of its members with trust, friendship, support, and FUN. And that community in turn serves as a container for the richness of writing and participating with nature. Upon leaving the island, you'll leave with more than just what you have written.

The intention of this retreat is to support men opening to the deeper, kinder parts of themselves. With writing as a tool for exploration and expression, we provide prompts, writing feedback, and movement as pathways to sharing ourselves with others. Whether through fiction, non-fiction, memoir, sci-fi/fantasy, essay, poetry, or performance, we'll be developing a personal language that communicates our greatest passions and interests to a world sorely in need of authentic stories.

Instructor Profiles:

Dulcie Witman, LADC, MFA, is the cofounder of Wide Open Writing and a founding editor of Minerva Rising. She has had work published in The Pitkin Review and Rawboned. Her short story, "A Southeast Wind," is currently a finalist in the Chester B. Himes Memorial Short Fiction contest. She teaches creative writing in Eindhoven, Netherlands with Watershed at their summer program, Camp Cushy.

Dulcie completed a novel, Crooked Love, and has recently submitted a professional memoir, Confessions of a Therapist, for publication.

Additionally, she has had a private therapy practice in Portland, Maine for the past 30 years.

Dulcie believes sharing creative space in the natural world gives power to connections that fuel the creative process—giving life to something that wasn't there before.

Visit Dulcie Witman's website www.wideopenwriting.com

Hughes Kraft, LCPC, LADC.  A moment of truth led Hughes from the hectic life of NYC to building a connected life in Maine. In northern New England he has learned to build ice rinks, to solo on islands by kayak, to explore woods by bike, and to swim in the ocean.

Hughes writes from moments of awareness and from metaphors that speak to him, using journaling to explore and understand. He is convinced that journaling is a way to keep him grounded and connected to his place in time.

Hughes has been in private practice as a therapist for over 25 years. His current passion is working with men in the complex midlife phase with its rich opportunities to open to a larger self. Hughes invites men to find kinder ways to be with themselves, while challenging them to look at the unhealthy aspects of their masculinity. He runs a men's group, has a yoga practice, coordinates a father-son annual canoe trip, renovates old buildings, and is a hack on the mandolin.

Dulcie and Hughes have collaborated creatively and therapeutically for many years, bringing these experiences and a long-standing friendship with them to facilitating this retreat.

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"At Whitehead Light Station, we seek to give participants an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the dramatic coast of Maine in an atmosphere that will broaden knowledge, strengthen skills, and promote renewal.  We aim to achieve these goals through a program of simple living, appreciation of the natural world, and first-rate instruction."

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