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Mainly Maine Beer & Food Pairing with Charlie Papazian  

September 16-20, 2022
Single Occupancy: $1775
Double Occupancy: $1420
Prices are per person and include tuition, lodging, all meals (sample menu), and boat transportation to the Light Station from our mainland base. An additional 9% Maine state lodging tax will be charged on the meals and lodging portion of the fee.

Registration: sign up with the online registration form.
If you are unable to sign up online, please find the printable PDF form here.

Mainly Maine Beer & Food Pairing with Charlie Papazian

Celebrating the State of Maine: its brewers, beer, farmers, fisheries, seafood and other food (and beverage) harvesters and producers.

Many say September is a special time to be in New England, but it's always a perfect time to be on Whitehead Island. Come join Charlie Papazian and celebrate the uniqueness and special culinary opportunities that help define Maine, its beer and food. Host Charlie Papazian has had a love affair with Maine and Whitehead Island since 1970. Charlie and his family have pursued the love of culinary adventures and beer for many years both at home and abroad and continues to explore new experiences. Sharing his experiences is something he has always enjoyed doing. Over the past few decades, a lot has changed, and a lot has remained – purely and simply Maine. Maine now has over 155 breweries and with that kind of local support the culinary opportunities in Maine have increased dramatically in the past decade. For "Mainly Maine Food & Beer" an astounding variety of beer from Maine brewers will be featured and as much as possible food and culinary ingredients will be sourced from this part of Maine. It's harvest season and Maine's bounty will be married with our exploration of beer and flavor infused food.

This program will explore delicious food and beer combinations. New and time-tested ideas about enjoyment of food and beer together will inevitably enhance participant's appreciation of beer's place in food culture and cultivate a special appreciation of how wonderful Maine and Local can be. Diversity is the spice of life. When it embraces thoughtfully crafted beer and food, enjoyed with companions, it creates lifelong memories. Craft beer styles and flavor infused internationally inspired cuisine will be explored in thought, glass and dishful servings throughout our days and evenings at Whitehead Light Station. Elements of spice, umami, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, appearance and after taste will weave its way into the discussion of both Craft beer and the food with which it is paired. Recipes, ingredients, traditions, styles, discoveries, long and short tales, travel experiences, food, cuisine and our relationship with comfort will provide added and enjoyable perspectives. It is a relatively short adventure, but the memories and enjoyment will last a lifetime.

"Join me where Whitehead Island meets Heaven on Earth."

Meals may have culinary presentations that include seafood, shellfish, meat, mushrooms, nuts, eggs, various grains and other ingredients. Excellent dietary substitutes can be prepared for persons with allergies, but these substitutions may not reflect examples of program curriculum though the enjoyment of Whitehead won't be compromised.

Course limited to 9 individuals.

Instructor Profile:  Charlie Papazian

Charlie Papazian is one of the most prominent and recognized names in the world of beer and brewing. His published commentaries provide insights into the industry, advice to homebrewers, and beer perspectives for beer drinkers. Since founding the American Homebrewers Association and Association of Brewers in 1978, he has helped guide the development of the microbrew industry and spark the resurgence of homebrewing in America and beyond. He is the founding publisher of and a regular contributor to Zymurgy (the magazine for homebrewers) and The New Brewer (the magazine for small, professional craft brewers).

He is Founder and now Past President of the Brewers Association, whose activities include:

Charlie is the author of five best-selling books (1,300,000+ copies) published by HarperCollins Books: Microbrewed Adventures (2005), The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 4th Edition (2014), The Home Brewer's Companion, 2nd Edition (2014), Home Brewer's Gold (1997), The Best of Zymurgy (1998).

In his worldwide travels, Charlie has been both lecturer and presenter at such prestigious events as the World Beer and Beverage Forum in Munich, the National Press Club, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, the American Society of Brewing Chemists, the Institute of Brewing Asia-Pacific, BrewTec Tokyo, International Beer Summit Japan, the AHA National Conference, the National Craft Brewers Conference, and many more.

In 2019 he retired from the Brewers Association and continues to travel and give presentations at events internationally. He still brews 12 to 16 batches of homebrew every year.

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"At Whitehead Light Station, we seek to give participants an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the dramatic coast of Maine in an atmosphere that will broaden knowledge, strengthen skills, and promote renewal.  We aim to achieve these goals through a program of simple living, appreciation of the natural world, and first-rate instruction."

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