Whitehead Light Station: Programs for adults at an historic light station off the coast of Maine
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"What an incredible and peaceful location!"

"One of the most magical places I have ever been."

"I will be thinking, remembering and sharing memories of this incredible week forever!"

"Three weeks and 5,000 + miles.....this place was the highlight of our trip!"

"Every day was more than I'd dreamed of!"

"I loved the chance to read from the lighthouse keeper's journals."

"The meals were absolutely delicious, fresh, healthy, flavorful."

"An all around superb program with able, sensitive and helpful staff."

"Loved the location, facilities, staff, food, view – the entire atmosphere."

"So enjoyed the peacefulness, the books in the library, the staff. They are kind, unobtrusive, skilled and responsive."

"What a spectacular time we had at Whitehead!! Every one of us...loved, loved, loved the incredible setting, everything we did, and, of course, Giovanni, who made sure every step of the way that we had a safe, fun, and deeply satisfying time. Whitehead is so beautiful, and the home so lovingly renovated – it is SUCH a special place. We all feel privileged to have spent time there and I think I speak for everyone when I say we all hope that we will have the opportunity to spend time there again. Many thanks to all of you for making our annual three-family vacation a great success!!"

"What magic. What magic. What a place."

"I had no idea I was in for such incredible food."

"I asked for a room by the lighthouse, and Mr. Swan came through for me."

"You have a fantastic crew. Highly qualified and great people."

"...beyond my expectations."

"...most enjoyed the calm and simplicity of the whole accommodation package."

"I would love to make my way back to that magic island."

"I enjoyed everything about the program. The location, instruction, food, and the fabulous staff."

"...from the minute we stepped foot on the island I felt at home and relaxed."

"The island...is a magical place and the staff were phenomenal."

"The program was life changing for me. I have been able to continue practicing what I learned there in my daily life here at home. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended this program and especially to Bob and Lilly for their incredible instruction. It was truly a blessing and a gift to attend."

"Your staff were amazing – they just met every need even before we asked and they were such a delightful part of our stay – it wouldn't have been the same without them. They added a lot. It was also lovely to see the way the three of them got along – a real team."

"I feel blessed to have been able to stay at the Whitehead Light Station with people who have now become my friends. This is a very special place. Thank you for sharing it."

"Please offer this course again next year!"

"This was extremely enjoyable. Everyone involved was spectacular."

"Gorgeous territory. Divine food. Cushy quarters. Thoughtful staff. Friendly and interesting classmates. Friendly and expert instructor."

"I would like to thank everyone here for one of the most enjoyable weeks I've ever had! It's been an incredible experience n a beautiful place with fantastic people. Thank you so very much!"

"This was the most amazing experience I've ever had! The staff is amazing. They could not have done anything better. I absolutely will remember this always."

"Daisy is a tremendously gifted, genuine woman with a great heart and passion to share her gifts."

"Daisy is a wonderful person full of personality and has the passion to teach others what she knows in cooking. I wouldn't change anything."

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Everyone made me feel welcome and a part of the 'island group.' You all rock!!"

Share your program ideas with us!

"At Whitehead Light Station, we seek to give participants an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the dramatic coast of Maine in an atmosphere that will broaden knowledge, strengthen skills, and promote renewal.  We aim to achieve these goals through a program of simple living, appreciation of the natural world, and first-rate instruction."

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